Drinking-water crisis

This project is made by:

  • Artist: Shuktara Momtaz, Student Vakoverschrijdend Atelier SLAC/Beeldende Kunst

SETAC-Shuktara Momtaz

Drinking-water crisis – a lifestyle from far away

Due to global warming, the riverine countries of the Third World are exposed to daily riverbank erosions, floods and natural disasters. My motherland, Bangladesh, is such country. There are no specific policies to rehabilitate the people affected by the erosion. Most victims migrate to the capital city, Dhaka, where they end up in slums and squatter settlements. These settlements have no water supply, sanitation or other facilities. Sometimes they manage to make an illegal connection to a nearby drinking-water source, which can supply water only for 1 to 2 hours per day. From morning till evening, there is always a long queue to collect some water. This painstaking task is carried out mostly by women and children.

The national dress for women in Bangladesh is called the sari. As the base for this painting, I used a sari that belonged to my mother.

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